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I finally did the big chop x__x I know I said I wouldn’t do it but I couldn’t stand my permed and I wanted to see my natural hair and I love love love it I think I’m a 4b or a 4c I’m not sure yet but I love my short hair look even though I had long hair I think I’ll do protective styles . I cut it on August 18 , 2012 a few days ago and I’m very excited and I’m never getting a perm ever again :) hello natural and I guess I’ll be posting pictures once a month of my hair growth and this is my first braid out by the way :) I’m not going natural to please anyone I’m doing it for anyone I’m doing it to make me happy I’ve been getting perms since I was 4 and I’ve never known my natural hair texture since I’m 15 now and I’m excited to find out . it’s not gonna be easy now that I’m in high school and girls are going to bother me about it but I don’t care so follow me and my journey (:

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